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Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) (workshops and books)


Our world will suffer if we don't do something about

Nature Deficit Disorder!

So says The Nature Man, and a lot of other parents, teachers and grandparents who know how much has changed over the last few decades.

Anyone over 35 can see the effects of NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder). Spotting children outdoors is a rare sighting. Where have all the children gone? And what happens when children no longer live and play outdoors? Research is proving that the lack of ongoing contact with nature results in:

        • child obesity
        • hyperactivity
        • loneliness
        • depression
        • short attention span (some say ADD)

    But there is a cure! And The Nature Man has been offering it to everyone who needs it and to everyone who wants it for many years, as a naturalist, educator, artist and commentator.

    It's simple and it's fun, and the results are guaranteed. And now he is bringing the cure to every neighborhood in America.

    It all begins by becoming a Neighborhood Naturalist. And it's not just for kids. Adults as well will benefit immeasurably by becoming a Neighborhood Naturalist. As things get going, whole families will become Neighborhood Naturalists and then neighborhoods and families can form Neighborhood Naturalist Clubs . . . . . and that will make all the difference.

    To learn more about the Neighborhood Naturalist cure. . .click here to send us your email and we will keep you informed, and soon you will know all you need to become an Official Neighborhood Naturalist.

    Let's do it,

The Nature Man


The Nature Man recommends Richard Louv's book on Nature Deficit Disorder, "Last Child In The Woods."



And you need to read The Nature Man's new book,

"10 Most Important Things for Good Nature Parenting."

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Nature Deficit Disorder Workshops

The Nature Man brings his lifelong expertise and knowledge of the powerful need we all share to spend regular time in nature.

Workshops range from 2-hour to 2-day events. Fees are flexible and based on location, size of audience and special needs. Every effort is made to accommodate your time and budget.

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