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Start your own Neighborhood Naturalist Club

The Nature Man will help you and your neighbors start an effective program in your own backyard to provide a supportive and fun way to be in touch with the natural world.

Introductory Session

Getting Started: How to provide the simple tools and skills and a comfortable environment to create your own Neighborhood Naturalist Club.

Intermediate Guidance

Personalized guidance to meet where you are with your Club. Keeping the magic alive. Great new ideas for you.

Ongoing Support

Special attention to your Club's needs, assessing where you are, skills that would benefit your members, and how to work with other clubs and expand the Neighborhood Naturalist program into schools, churches and communities.


Fees are flexible and based on location, size of audience and special needs. Every effort is made to accomodate your time and budget.

Call now: 760-436-8776 or click here to email: TheNatureMan@cox.net