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Meet The Nature Man: Artist / Naturalist / Educator / Producer

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A few comments from colleagues, clients and "campers"

"Wolf Howling," of course, is a class developed by one Sidney Wildesmith, a man with a dream. Many of us have a dream, but Wildesmith is one who remembered his after he woke up. The thrust of his dream is that mankind learn again to live harmoniously with the winds and the rivers, and with the things we have been told since childhood are out to kill us if we don't wear mittens."

So with the blessings of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Sidney Wildesmith, a former Minnesota State Parks naturalist, created a weekly series of outdoor experiences, the first of which was devoted to spying on owls, the second to considering the moon, and the third and latest to learning to howl like a wolf. " Bakers' Dozen", Oregon Journal

During a nighttime "Wolf Howl" outing originated by OMSI's naturalist, Sidney Wildesmith, children, teenagers and adults separated and staked out their territories in the woods. Then each let loose timidly with a mournful wail that sounded much like the wolf pup, adolescent and adult tones that the group had heard on a phonograph record in a classroom minutes before. The woods came alive with a veritable rhapsody of howls. Astonishingly difficult for Wildesmith to negotiate was not initiating his group to howling, but rather getting them to stop. Each person became so immersed in what he was doing that a sense of self as well as time was lost. Surely this demonstrates the power of play that an English artist noted: Play seems to be both disinterested and passionate; disinterested in that it is not real, and passionate in the absorption it requires. Museum News, 1978

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As the Host and Producer of The Wild Side News I have had the great honor of interviewing over 300 of the world's greatest people about everything from animal intelligence to the greatest issues facing the planet. I invite you to please visit:

Over more than four decades of journalism and later as an executive at the New York Times, I have encountered many extraordinay personalities and among the finest and most talented is Sidney Wildesmith, who has created an audience for a program that opens eyes and ears around the world to the challenges that face our planet. His incisive and far-looking programs tackle some of the most pressing issues of our day, with our environment at risk. His words and pictures fortunately reach a global audience at a critical time in our lives. Sam Summerlin, 2009

As an educator and interpretive naturalist I've worked with hundreds of thousands of people in museums, nature centers, State and National Parks. I love what I do!

I have worked with Sidney Wildesmith over the last three years. During that time, he has given a variety of programs for me ranging from large auditorium shows to working with small groups of children. He invariably received rave reviews. He possesses true "pied piper" qualities for all ages. Pi Jumonvill, Education Coordinator, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry


Sidney Wildesmith conducted a program at the 50-acre outdoor education facility he managed for OMSI. His program - "Journey to the River's Edge" was a day's experience in Chinook Indian Life. This program received many favorable written and verbal comments from Enrichment coordinators of the various participating school districts. Sidney has excellent strategies and techniques for teaching students of any age. Being a visual creative person, Sidney is able to communicate well with people via his drawings and sketches. He is a multi-talented, conscientious and reliable staff person. I recommend him highly." Lois Gibbons, Education Administrator, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

Sidney Wildesmith is the Founder of the National Parks Touring Artists Program (NPTAP) and served as Artist-In-Residence in Yellowstone, Redwood, Mesa Verde, Canyonlands and Arches National Parks.

Here are some comments from people who participated in the National Parks Touring Artists Program.

"Thank you for helping me to listen." Kathleen M. Honey Brook, PA

"Bravo! Your evolving program for artists should become a wonderful part to reconnecting with the best of America." Carolyn and Charles S., Grants Pass, OR

"What fun! - The Artist Program needs to be!" Jan W. Lapeer MI

"The artwork of the children was very inspiring." Claudette and John E. Reitton, MS

Regarding the Young Artists Walk, "The artwork was truly amazing! They were young impressionists." Rafferty's, Minneapolis, MN

"This is a trip highlight. Thank you tremendously. Learned much." Mary G. New Albany, IN

"Just stunned by so much creativity, sincerity and high artistic level of these youngsters." David G. Zurich, Switzerland


Just a few samples of Wildesmith's original drawings and paintings that have been inspired by a life-long love affair with nature and the earth. To see more click here.