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Announcing The Nature Man's new book!


10 Most Important Things

For Good Nature Parenting

by The Nature Man

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Written by one of the world's leading naturalists and educators, this little gem provides parents with wisdom and knowledge to help their children grow and play with an intimate connection and compassion for nature.


Have you noticed that children are rarely seen outside anymore? We all know the reasons why. But this lack of extended time outdoors is reaching pandemic levels and taking a serious toll on our children. Obesity, depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder are just some of the maladies associated with NDD. A movement to address Nature Deficit Disorder has taken hold and is spreading across America. This book encapsulates what so many keep trying to put into words. And it does it with great insight, sensitivity and depth.

~If you have children, or know or work with children, this book is a must read as the insights you glean will serve them and their earth for many years to come.~


Parents and teachers know how difficult it is to get children back outdoors. But The Nature Man has been doing just that for decades. He has a powerful personal mission to educate adults and kids through The Neighborhood Naturalist Program which gets kids back into the natural world, exploring, learning and connecting with the earth by relying on their natural curiosity, instincts, sense of play and comaraderie to restore a healthy kinship with life in their own backyards and neighborhoods.


His very personal and deep connection with nature and the earth becomes evident as he so clearly and eloquently directs the reader along a path of understanding the world around us. It is this understanding that inspires this small but incisive book which beautifully pinpoints the essentials for good nature parenting. The concepts are beautifully developed by The Nature Man and designed to be quickly implemented, bringing results immediately.


As a teacher, interpretive naturalist, artist and radio show host, THE NATURE MAN's lifelong love of nature and his passion for inspiring a personal connections with the earth has touched literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He was an early advocate and leading spokesman in the Environmental Education movement from its earliest days, directing nature centers and camps and serving as a Regional State Park Naturalist for the State of Minnesota.


For four years he has been the Host and Producer of THE WILD SIDE NEWS, an internet radio show about Nature and the Environment. He interviewed hundreds of the world's leading scientists, researchers, writers and environmental spokesmen. All of the interviews are available on the Wild Side News archives (http://www.wildsidenews.com).


As a renowned landscape painter, THE NATURE MAN (Sidney Wildesmith) was the Artist-In-Residence in numerous National Parks including Yellowstone, Redwood, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, and Arches National Monument. He provided a variety of drawing and painting workshops through The National Parks Touring Artists Program (NPTAP) which he founded. His skills as an artist help adults and children connect with the beauty of the natural world.


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