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Welcome to the Neighborhood Naturalist Club

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Now you're ready to become an Official Neighborhood Naturalist.

Here's how. Watch the video and follow the steps below.

You're going to make these 3 things (it's easy)

Step 1. A Field Notebook

Step 2. A Fieldbag

Step 3. A T-Shirt

Step 1: Make your Neighborhood Naturalist Field Notebook.

Watch the video and then do Step 1 below.


Step 1. Make your own Neighborhood Naturalist Field Notebook

Watch the video to the right and The Nature Man will show you how.

You'll need the following supplies:

  • 5 sheets of copy paper
  • art supplies to draw with
  • a long-reach stapler or needle and thread.


click on the video to watch how to make your Field Notebook



Anna and Kasandra showing and sharing from their Field Notebooks



When you've completed Step 1

click here to go to Step 2 and learn how to make your FIELD BAG

Two guys who made their own Field Bags. It's very cool.


When you've made your fieldbag, then all you have to do is Step 3: make your t-shirt.

When you've made the 3 things, you will make "The Promise" and become an Official Neighborhood Naturalist.


The fun is just beginning!