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The Promise

When you've finished making the 3 things, you're ready to make "The Promise" and become an Official Neighborhood Naturalist.

Click here to contact The Nature Man who will tell you how to make "The Promise" and then you'll receive your Official Neighborhood Naturalist Membership Card.

In addition, you'll enjoy learning the Neighborhood Naturalist theme song "The Promise" which you can listen to below. Feel free sing along.


and sing along to The Promise (The Neighborhood Naturalist Song) Copyright 2009 Sidney Wildesmith

With my eyes I see the beauty / With my heart I feel the joy /

With my ears I hear the singing / Of this earth that is my home

When I go outside each morning / I hear them talking just for me

For they know that I will listen / When they tell me what they need

That the earth needs our love / So that we may live together / For a long long time

With my hands I show them kindness / And I always say hello

With my friends we take a walk each day / To help our knowledge grow

From my heart I make this promise / For I know what words are worth

I will give the best that I can give / For nature and the earth

And if we do our dreams will grow / So that we may live together / For a long long time

"I promise"


Become an Official Neighborhood Naturalist and you will learn this most beautiful song.

"The Promise" Copyright 2009 Sidney Wildesmith