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Becoming A Good Nature Parent: Attending Good Nature Parenting Workshops helps

So your 6 year old sits in his room all day playing with toys.

And your 8-year-old daughter plays with her American Beauty dolls with her friends

And your 12-year-old boy is bonded to his computer.

Too much you say, its time to take responsibility to get these kids to respect nature.

So you announce your intention to have them become more nature conscious.

And you shift their TV habits to include the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

You find kid-friendly web sites about nature and go to the movie "Ants."

Well, the trouble is, you haven’t been outside yet.

Overcoming nature deficit disorder is not simply a matter of learning more about nature.

It is a matter of touching nature, regularly, as a way of life.

And that's what The Nature Man has done with literally thousands of people.

He is offering special Nature Parenting Workshops. They will make a difference. Guaranteed.

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