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Ways to Support the Neighborhood Naturalist Program in The San Diego Community

This is our bioregion. It is in fact a web of life of which we are a part. We live in a relative paradise, and for reasons we all know, we find ourselves increasingly isolated from the natural wonders that surround us each day. Although based on trying to do the right thing, the effects of this ongoing disconnect from nature are being felt most dramatically in our children. They are gone from the landscape. As a result they are missing their chance to grow in harmony with their environment resulting in children unable to concentrate, depressed, overweight and afraid of being who they are meant to be. We all know this as Nature Deficit Disorder, NDD.

The solution is based on a regional effort to create places where kids, families and adults can once again feel the ongoing joy and safety of living and growing within the gifts of our natural wonder.

This is a call to action, to plant the seeds of awareness and strategies that lead us back to our private Edens, throughout our community. Please choose a place and then choose how you may help through your sponsorships to provide classes, workshops and events that will restore the basics for our children and theirs, to grow in harmony as generations before them have, and who now wish to restore the natural order to our world. It all begins in your own backyard.

There are many ways to restore this relationship.

Find the one that works for you and lend your support in helping create Neighborhood Naturalist programs in your own backyard. Together we can make a better San Diego.

Thanks, The Nature Man.

Lend your corporate support for a better quality of life in San Diego


Provide Neighborhood Naturalist classes for your school


Help bring nature classes and workshops to your local community and recreation centers


Gift the Love of God's Creation in your Church,Mosque, or Synagogue


Sponsor parent training workshops through your local PTA


Underwrite a contest to inspire creative action.


Help create a better San Diego:

click on your location to support a Neighborhood Naturalist Program in your community.

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Please e-mail if you wish to learn how to support the Neighborhood Naturalist program in you community. Thank you.